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Conservation Tree Program
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ConservationTreesThe South Platte NRD provides seedlings for establishing farmstead windbreaks, shelterbelts and wildlife habitat.  In fact, since 1977, the South Platte NRD has sold more than 4 million trees and shrubs.

These trees are available at a minimal cost. Machine planting, hand planting and weed control services are available through contractors. Cost-share assistance is available for tree purchases and planting, drip watering systems, and fabric mulch. The NRD will pay up to 50 percent of a landowner's cost to establish a windbreak, reducing the landowner's cost for an averaged-sized project to less than $100.

Thanks to a dramatic increase in demand for trees in connection with the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), tree planting in the South Platte NRD reached an all-time high in 2002 of more than 350,000 trees.

In addition to the Conservation Tree Program, cost-share assistance is available to defer costs of trees through a number of other programs: 

Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)                      South Platte NRD Community Forestry Program
Corners for Wildlife


Conservation Trees for Nebraska, published by the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD) and Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts (NRDs), shows many of the tree species offered through the Conservation Tree Program with excellent color photos (tree aspect and foliage close ups). Descriptions of the tree’s notable features, disease vulnerabilities, and vegetative growing zone information are also included. Booklets are available at your NRD Office, your nearest NRCS Field Office and UNL Extension offices in Chappell, Kimball and Sidney. It can also be seen online by clicking the picture below.


Program Services

Although the district does not plant trees, several contractors are certified to provide planting services within the district. For a list of private contractors offering machine and hand planting services and weed barrier installation please conact the SPNRD office.

Information regarding fabric mulch/weed barrier is available.  The district provides cost-share assistance for the barrier material and installation on new plantings.

South Platte NRD Tree/Shrub Program



Minimum Charges
Barerooted $1.00 per seedling (10 per species minimum order)  $10.00 
Hefty Root Plus   $2.25 per seedling (10 per species minimum order) $22.50
Hefty Root $1.50 per seedling (10 per species minimum order) $15.00
Tree Care and Weed Control
1) Roto Tiller $80.00 per hour / $40 per hour PF members none
2) Weed Barrier/Drip Cost-share Assistance none
Equipment Rental 
Tree Planting Machine $80.00 per day $80.00
Marker Flags $5.50 per hundred none
Netting 10 cents per foot $5.00

Supplemental watering by way of drip systems is also an option for new plantings. Cost-share assistance is available for the materials and installation charges for drip system.

Cost-share funding is available to cooperators who are interested and who meet all program criteria. Cost-share funds will be awarded on a first come - first serve basis.  Upon receipt of tree bill payment and copies of any receipts for barrier or drip system, a cost-share check will be issued to the cooperator.  Copies of drip system and barrier receipts must be turned into the NRD within 60 days of the tree bill invoice date to meet cost-share assistance guidelines.  Any failure to submit payment for the tree bill within the 60 day period of dated invoice, will result in the forfeiture of cost-share funding for the project.

Adequate site preparation is required to be eligible for cost-share assistance. Sod sites such as grass and alfalfa, must be plowed and thoroughly disked.  NRD staff will determine whether or not to accept the site for cost-share assistance.

For a 2019 tree order form, click here. (PDF file)
For your convenience, you can type your order on the form, then print and mail it, or save it and email it to

We urge you to place tree orders by the first of March each year for your best chance at obtaining preferred varieties. Those wishing to receive cost-share assistance are urged to place their order as soon as possible. Increased demand for assistance in recent years has resulted in complete use of allocated funds just after the first of the calendar year.

For more information please call us at (308) 254-2377 or e-mail  

Click here for pictures and descriptions of common trees and shrubs used for conservation purposes

Click here for the USDA-NRCS National Plant Data Center