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Equipment Services

Truax DrillGrass Seeding Program

In cooperation with Pheasants Forever, the NRD offers to lease no-till grass drills to farmers to help improve wildlife habitat. The drills are designed to seed native grasses and legumes between tree rows and other hard-to-reach places. We have modern models equipped with hydraulics for ease of use, as well as one drill that can be manually adjusted if hydraulics are not available.



Tree Planter


Tree Planters

When you've got hundreds of trees to plant, nothing saves time and aching backs like using the tool made especially for planting trees. Our tree planters allow you to cut your time while easily reaching the planting trench, which is closed perfectly behind you.







Each spring South Platte NRD staff members help prepare thousands of feet of ground for tree planting. This three point hitch mounted tiller works the ground deeply, leaving you with a bed fit for any seedling.





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Much of the equipment available through these programs was made possible by the Nebraska Environmental Trust.
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