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Irrigation Special Components

The South Platte NRD has approved a cost-share program on irrigation scheduling devices. The cost-share rate is 50 percent of the average or actual costs, whichever is less.  Final approval will be given by the District and will depend upon available funding. The following components are eligible:

 Irrigation scheduling and water control components:

1. Evapotranspiration simulatorsatmometer

2. Soil moisture meters to read moisture block or sensors

3. Soil moisture data loggers

4. Moisture blocks or sensors

5. Irrigation well timers

6. Irrigation well hour meters


 Irrigation water management components

1. Surge valves

2. Flow meters

3. Goose necks

4. Drop pipes

5. Conversion nozzles

6. Rain automatic shuttoff valves

7. Buries pipe from an existing well to a pivot or surge valve

Land must have been irrigated four of the last five years. Cost-share is not allowed for cost of electrical installation and equipment. Payment is limited to $1,000 per producer per year.

If you are interested one of these practices, please contact Travis Glanz at (308) 254-2377.