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South Platte NRD Staff

Rod L. Horn, General Manager -

Rod Horn bulletAdministrative officer and treasurer for the board of directors
bulletOverall administrator for district programs and projects
bulletHandles day-to-day operations of district, supervises office staff
bulletAppointed as safety coordinator & accountable for all phases of the safety & loss       prevention program in cooperation with the safety committee

bulletExecutive secretary for the Citizen's Monitoring Committee regarding Clean Harbors       Hazardous Waste Facility

Galen Wittrock, Assistant Manager -

Galen Wittrock


bulletManages regulatory programs (sediment & erosion, groundwater runoff       management)
bulletManages operations at Oliver Reservoir Recreation Area
bulletOversees conservation tree program / community tree planting program
bulletCoordinates wildlife habitat improvement program and land conservation programs

Travis Glanz, Water Resources Coordinator -

Travis Glanz bulletAdministers programs to implement the District's groundwater management plan
bulletAssist with implementing Nebraska's depletion plan
bulletManages water quantity, allocation and flow meter programs
bulletCoordinates all the water usage reports for producers and Ground Water Advisory       Groups and SPNRD Board

Chris Kaiser, Natural Resources Coordinator - ckaiser@

Chris Kaiser bulletCoordinates groundwater registration update program
bulletOversees the groundwater quality and level monitoring program
bulletAssist with the conservation tree program, project/program inspections, general       maintenance, and chemigation program

Ryan Reisdorff, Water Resources Specialist -

Ryan Reisdorff bulletWellhead Protection Area coordinator
bulletProject Manager for the Districtwide Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan
bulletCoordinates efforts with cities and towns to protect existing water supplies
bulletAssist with the implementation of the Districtwide Ground Water Management Area       Rules and Regulations and the Integrated Management Plan

Shelly Sutherland,
Public Relations and Education Manager -

bulletConducts public information program
bulletCoordinates educational events, school programs and teacher workshops

bulletWeb site administrator

 Tyler Sanders, Water Resource Technician -

bulletConducts irrigation flow meter maintenance program
bulletAssists with grouind water qualilty and ground water level monitoring
bulletCoordinates NeRAIN program




Donald Davis, Administrative Manager/Bookkeeper -

bulletOffice Manager
bulletAdministers District cost-share programs
bulletOversees bookkeeping, insurance and payroll operations
bulletCoordinates projects and assists with reporting requirements
bulletBoard and committee recording secretary







NaManet Keller, District Secretary -

bulletOffice receptionist
bulletAssists with tree and chemigation programs
bulletAccounts receivable and purchasing
bulletWater resources secretarial duties and data input

Michelle McMillen, Field Office Secretary -

bulletSidney NRCS office receptionist

bulletContact for NRD programs / inquiries